PHOTOS: Ancient Species That Still Exist

From Dr. Piotr Naskrecki:

What would you rather save from extinction: 3 different species of parrots, or a hummingbird, an owl, and a parrot? With an increasing frequency, such heartbreaking choices are becoming the reality of nature conservation. Given their limited resources, and the even more limited attention span of politicians and governments, conservation biologists face the need to select targets of their conservation campaigns very carefully. Traditionally, conservation actions have focused on areas that sheltered the highest numbers of species. But now biologists are shifting their priorities away from simple species richness towards what is known as the phyletic diversity, or deep genetic divides among organisms. Rather than trying to protect every single species on Earth, they try to save representatives of as many distinct and diverse evolutionary lines as possible. And the easiest way to find phyletic diversity is to look at the survivors of the oldest lineages of life.

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